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Bus Stop Numbers

To find your
bus stop number

Select your line number from the blue pull-down menu (below) or click the ROUTE LIST button to view a complete listing of our routes. Once on your route page, a list of stop names and numbers can be found in the SELECT START POINT – BUS STOP NUMBER or SELECT DESTINATION - BUS STOP NUMBER menu.

Text, phone, app, or map

Gone are the days of wondering and worrying when your next bus arrives. Now you have MST RealTime – a set of tools (text, phone, app, and maps) that help you get real-time information about your next bus. MST RealTime is real easy.


In a few easy steps, your next bus arrival time(s) will be sent to your phone, making travel with MST even easier.

Step 1

Text the number: 25370

Step 2

Locate the unique four-digit MST bus stop number on the MST RealTime sign or sticker at your stop (also available on the MST Route List)

RealTime bus stop sign

Step 3

In the text message type the word “Next” plus the four-digit stop number to 25370 (example “Next 9103”). Don’t forget to add a space between “Next” and the four-digit bus stop number.

If you are at a stop that serves several bus lines, you can include the route number to receive information for your line only. Just add a hyphen and the line (Example “Next 9103-022”). Please note these route abbreviations: Jazz A – “JZA”, Jazz B – “JZB”, and Monterey Trolley – “TRL”.

Because text message replies are limited in number of characters, only the next five or six estimated and/or scheduled bus arrivals will be included.

If the bus is estimated to be more than 15 minutes away, the time you receive will be the scheduled arrival time not the predicted arrival time. When a bus is that far away, it is harder to accurately predict arrivals. An (s) indicates a scheduled arrival time.

Message and data rates may apply. See Terms and Conditions below.


RealTime bus arrival information is only a phone call away, making travel with MST very easy.

Step 1

Call us toll free at 1-888-MST-BUS1 (1-888-678-2871).

Step 2

After the MST introductory greeting, press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.

Step 3

Select the MST RealTime option by pressing 1 again.

Step 4

Once you have selected RealTime and your language preference, you will have several options for bus arrival and schedule information:

Option 1 – For current RealTime bus arrival times, you will be asked to enter a unique four-digit bus stop number (for example, press 9103 on the phone).

Option 2 – For bus schedules later in the day, press 2 and you will be asked to enter a time and a unique four-digit bus stop number.

Option 3 – If you do not know your bus stop number, press 9 and follow the prompts.

If the bus is due to arrive at your stop within the next 15 minutes, the estimated time of arrival will be given based on the actual location of the bus, which is being tracked by GPS.

If the bus is estimated to be more than 15 minutes away, the time you receive will be the scheduled arrival time instead of a GPS-based prediction. When a bus is that far away, it is harder to accurately predict arrival times. As the scheduled arrival time approaches the 15-minute window, you can call back to get an updated GPS-based predicted arrival time.


RealTime arrival information is available on the free Transit App.

Step 1

Download and install the Transit App from your App store.

Step 2

Explore the Transit App for options near you and countdowns for your next bus. You can track your bus via GPS on the App’s map and receive alerts for your preferred departure time(s). The App even sends you reminders to hurry to your stop if the bus is approaching!

Download the Transit App brochure here.

If the bus is estimated to be more than 15 minutes away, the time you receive will be the scheduled arrival time not the prediction. When a bus is that far away, it is harder to accurately predict arrivals.



Use Google maps to find your next bus arrival times. Google maps is available for smart phones, tablets, and PCs for free.

Step 1

Open Google Maps.

Step 2

Switch on the transit option.

Step 3

Find your starting location on the map.

Step 4

Click on the closest blue bus symbol on the map. These bus symbols represent MST bus stops.  If you can’t see any blue bus symbols, you might need to zoom closer to see them.

Step 5

Click on the bus routes to view bus arrival and departure times for all lines that serve that particular stop.

If the bus is estimated to be more than 15 minutes away, the time you receive will be the scheduled arrival time not the prediction. When a bus is that far away, it is harder to accurately predict arrivals.

+How RealTime Works

Every MST bus is equipped with a GPS device that tells our vehicle tracking system where that bus is at all times. Within a few seconds of sending your text message, you should receive a response text message that will show the times for the next buses arriving at that bus stop.

When a bus reaches a bus stop timepoint, we can determine whether that bus is on time, ahead of schedule or behind schedule. We call this our schedule adherence. That information is then used along with the last known position of the bus to predict when that bus will arrive at another stop further along the route.

Even with MST’s new RealTime technology, it’s a good idea to still arrive at your stop at least 5 minutes before the estimated arrival time. As you are waiting, feel free to check the RealTime system again to make sure the bus isn’t running faster or slower than when you last checked.

+Finding Stop Numbers

RealTime bus stop sign

Bus stop numbers are posted on the round RealTime flag sign at most bus stops. If there isn’t a round RealTime sign at your stop, the four-digit bus stop number is displayed on a sticker on the metal pole at the bus stop.

In addition, bus stop numbers can be found on the MST website. Select a bus line number and scroll through the list in the Select Start Point – Bus Stop Number or Select Destination – Bus Stop Number drop-down boxes to find your bus stop and its four-digit bus stop number.

You can also call MST customer service toll free at 1-888-MST-BUS1 (1-888-678-2871) to obtain bus stop numbers.

+Terms & Conditions

As a user of MST RealTime, you confirm that you hold the account corresponding to the mobile phone number you have entered, or that you have the account holder’s permission to use this service. By entering your phone number, you acknowledge that you agree to terms and conditions of service.

The MST RealTime information system provides mobile users and MST riders the ability to retrieve the next bus schedule information of a provided bus stop. The request will be sent from the mobile phone to the 25370 short code providing the stop number in the message body.

Text “STOP” at anytime to 25370 to end use of the service. A confirmation text will then be sent to you stating that your request has been received. To reactivate the service text “START” to 25370. Also text “NEXT HELP” at anytime to 25370 to request help in using the MST RealTime information system. Users may also call 1-888-MST-BUS1 (1-888-678-2871) for further assistance using MST’s RealTime information system.

There is no cost from MST to use this service, however, message and data rates may apply. Charges are dependent on your service plan which may include fees from your carrier to send and receive text messages. There will be one text message sent per MST RealTime request.

The MST RealTime information system should be available to users of all domestic mobile networks.

+Privacy Policy

MST does not sell or distribute cell phone numbers without prior approval from the end user. MST will not direct market to end users any services for which the end user has not opted in either by cell phone, text message, or e-mail. MST will not disclose or distribute any personal information about an end user, including phone number, name, billing information, or any other identifying information.

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