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Riders GuideWelcome aboard from all of us at Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST). Our goal is to provide Monterey County residents and visitors with high-quality transit service. If you have any questions or would like help planning your trip, please call us toll free at 1-888-MST-BUS1. We’ll be glad to assist you!

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MST provides bus service to the greater Monterey and Salinas areas, as far south as Paso Robles and as far north as Watsonville. Service originates from two primary locations–the Monterey Transit Plaza, in downtown Monterey, and the Salinas Transit Center, in downtown Salinas. From these locations, the bus lines branch out like spokes on a wheel.

Transit Centers and Exchanges

Transit Centers

Boarding Locations

Boarding Locations

Monterey Transit Plaza

Monterey Transit Plaza Map
Monterey Transit Plaza Gates
Monterey Spoke Map

Salinas Transit Center

Salinas Transit Center Map
Salinas Transit Center Gates
Salinas Spoke Map

Marina Transit Exchange

Marina Transit Exchange Map
Marina Transit Exchange Gates
Marina Spoke Map

Sand City Station

Sand City Transit Center Map
Sand City Transit Center Gates
Sand City Spoke Map

Del Monte Center

Tyler St. & Franklin St.



Watsonville Transit Center

North County Transit Center (Paso Robles)
North County Transit Center (Paso Robles)


How to Ride the Bus

The following steps will answer some questions and help make your trip a pleasant one.

1. Where do I catch the bus?

Bus stops are identified with an MST sign. Check the sign for which bus lines stop there.

Signal the coach operator to stop by standing up at a bench or shelter when the bus approaches. Please be at the stop to signal that you want to board.

Arrive at your stop a few minutes early so you can be in place to signal the bus. Have your fare, pass, ticket, or method of contactless payment ready when boarding. Buses stop only at designated MST stops.

2. Which bus line do I take?

See the spoke maps to determine which bus lines will take you to your destination. You may need to transfer from one line to another to reach that destination. See boarding location diagrams.

Identify your bus by looking for the bus line number and direction in the sign above the windshield.

Buses headed toward a transit center or transit exchange will say Salinas, Monterey, Marina or Edgewater. Buses headed toward other destinations will state the furthermost stop in that direction. For example:


Before boarding, check the sign to make sure it is the bus you want to take. If you are not sure, ask the coach operator to help you.

3. When will the bus arrive?

The schedules for each bus line are available on this website. They are listed by line number. Please see the maps and schedules section.

Each line has a map and departure schedule with timepoints for several stops along its route. The buses travel through the schedule from the left to the right. The timepoints in the schedule correspond with the timepoints shown on the map. To know when to be at a stop that is between two timepoints, use the timepoint before your stop.

Schedule Diagram

4. How do I pay?

On all MST buses, you can use cash, GoPasses, a GoCard, or Visa and Mastercard contactless-enabled bank cards and mobile wallets. Have your payment ready when you board. Cash goes in the farebox. Swipe your GoPass or tap your GoCard on the farebox. Tap your contactless bank card or mobile wallet on a payment reader. If you are using a discounted fare (youth, seniors, disabled, Medicare card holders, and active duty military), the coach operator may ask to see your ID.


5. Where do I sit?

After paying your fare, quickly move to a vacant seat. Please be aware that seniors and disabled persons have priority to the seats directly behind the coach operator. If all seats are taken, hold on to the grab rails.

Please offer your seat to someone who may have difficulty standing on a moving bus if you are able to stand comfortably.


6. Leaving the bus

Watch for your destination or ask the coach operator to call it out as the bus approaches that stop.

Signal the coach operator that you wish to get off at the next stop by pulling the cord above or between the windows.

When the bus stops, get up and exit through the rear doors when possible. If you tapped a payment reader to pay your fare with a contactless bank card or mobile wallet, don’t forget to tap off at the front of the bus before you exit.

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MST Bus Stop Shop
201 Pearl Street
Monterey, CA 93940

Salinas Transit Center
110 Salinas Street
Salinas, CA 93901

Marina Transit Exchange
280 Reservation Road
Marina, CA 93933

Mobility Services Center
15 Lincoln Avenue
Salinas, CA 93901
Hours by appointment only.

Administrative Offices
19 Upper Ragsdale Drive, Suite 200
Monterey, CA 93940