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9 August 2021

MST Receives California Department of Transportation Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) Grant

MST has been selected to receive a $594,919 grant award from the California Department of Transportation, Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP).

The funding is provided for projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve transportation sustainability by providing new and expanded bus and rail service for disadvantaged and low-income communities.

MST will receive $319,919 for the purchase of an additional zero-emission bus (ZEB) and for the purchase of renewable diesel for our existing diesel buses, and $275,000 for the establishment of the electric bus charging infrastructure at the Clarence J. Wright Operations Division in Salinas. With the switch to renewable diesel, MST expects to see a yearly green house gas (GHG) reduction of 20,148 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e) for its entire fleet, assuming an average of 84,000 miles per bus. Each zero-emission electric bus will reduce 1,853 metric tons of MTCO2e per year as well, eliminating a total of 9,265 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year by operating our 5 existing electric buses.

“The climate crisis is disproportionately affecting low-income households and communities of color,” said Caltrans Director Toks Omishakin. “This investment will help reduce environmental impacts from transportation and help connect communities, particularly those facing economic barriers to transportation options.”

MST CEO/General Manager, Carl Sedoryk stated, “By purchasing power from 100% renewable sources for our growing ZEB fleet, and using renewable diesel for our remaining heavy-duty bus fleet, Monterey-Salinas Transit is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels, and creating a healthier planet with every trip we make.”

Everyone agrees – access to transportation and protecting the environment are critical for the health and future of all communities. MST takes its role as a leader seriously and is proud to support and work towards a cleaner, better tomorrow for all.

For more information, visit or call Monterey-Salinas Transit toll free at 1-888-MST-BUS1 (1-888-678-2871). For RealTime bus arrival information, text “Next” and your four-digit bus stop ID (example, “Next 9103”) to 25370, call 1-888-MST-BUS1 with your four-digit bus stop ID, download the free Transit app, or use Google Maps. Follow for the latest service alerts.


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