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April 9, 2021

Monterey-Salinas Transit Announces Real-time Information Available Through Newly Endorsed app Transit

Monterey-Salinas Transit today announces Transit as the official mobility app for Monterey County and the surrounding service area. Transit counts millions of active users in more than 200 cities worldwide and is now available for MST riders who are now able to track their bus in real-time with the leading transport app in North America.

Upon launching the app, MST riders see nearby options and departure times in big text and bright colors. Users can easily navigate the region, aided by accurate real-time bus ETAs, trip planning, step-by-step navigation, and crowdsourced real-time information with Transit’s GO feature.

When a rider is using the GO step-by-step navigator and boards the bus, they are prompted to report the current bus crowding level. Updates from riders appear in the app as icons that denote three levels of crowding: “Crowded,” “Some crowding” or “Not crowded.” This provides useful data for other riders making decisions about physical distancing.

MST’s collaboration with Transit began in 2017, providing passengers with a comprehensive, easy-to-use and widely adopted app to improve the customer experience. Along with this new partnership agreement, MST will also receive anonymized usage data and customizations to better serve the public, such as the ability to send important information directly to riders via Transit’s home screen.

MST CEO/General Manager stated, “The ability to provide passengers with information that empowers them to make their own travel decisions – whether it’s related to trip planning or determining their personal comfort level regarding crowding levels on a bus, this information benefits everyone.”

By endorsing Transit as its official app, MST joins dozens of other public transit agencies across North America that have partnered with the app, including Los Angeles Metro, Silicon Valley’s VTA, Boston’s MBTA, Baltimore’s MDOT MTA, Metro Transit in St. Louis and Montreal’s STM.

“Partnering with a single app that prioritizes transit makes it clear to riders where they can go for information,” said David Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer of Transit. “We’re excited to work with MST and to see more people using Transit as part of their daily routine.”

Transit is available to download for iPhone and Android at or by visiting

For schedule information, visit or call 1-888-MST-BUS1 (1-888-678-2871) toll free. For RealTime bus arrival information, text “Next” and your four-digit bus stop ID (example, “Next 9103”) to 25370, call 1-888-MST-BUS1 with your four-digit bus stop ID, download the free Transit app, or use Google Maps. Follow for the latest service alerts.


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