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ADA Paratransit (RIDES)


Transportation Services for People With Disabilities

In cooperation with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, Monterey-Salinas Transit offers the MST RIDES ADA paratransit program to our customers who have a disability that prevents them from using MST’s regular fixed route bus service.

Each of MST’s regular fixed-route buses is fully accessible and each is equipped with a wheelchair lift. If you believe that you are unable to use MST’s regular buses due to your disability, you may be eligible for the MST RIDES ADA paratransit program.  A printable RIDES brochure is available here.


The MST ADA paratransit program (RIDES) offers transportation service to eligible passengers as a ride-share program.  Below is a brief summary of the RIDES program.  A complete description can be found in the MST RIDES Passenger Guide. (English) (Spanish)

Reservation requests may be made in advance until 5:00 PM daily for next day service or may be made up to 7 days in advance of the day of the trip. There are no restrictions on the purpose of the trip.

Based on vehicle availability, MST RIDES ADA paratransit may need to schedule your trip within one hour of your requested pick-up time.

Service Area: MST RIDES ADA paratransit service is provided within a service corridor that extends three-quarters of a mile from any of MST’s regular bus routes. Both the point of departure and the destination of each trip must be within a service corridor.

MST RIDES ADA paratransit provides service throughout the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Salinas, Chualar, Gonzales, Greenfield, Soledad, and King City, and to the Watsonville Transit Center.

Service Hours: MST RIDES ADA paratransit service is available during the hours of operation of MST’s regular fixed-route bus service operating within that corridor.  MST’s regular fixed route schedule is subject to change.

Passenger Travel Times

Federal Department of Transportation regulations pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 require passenger travel time on the MST RIDES Paratransit service be comparable to that of MST’s regular fixed-route bus service for the same trip.  While most travel times are shorter with the RIDES service, MST strives to ensure that your travel time on RIDES will not exceed the travel time for the same trip on MST’s fixed-route service, which would include:

  • Walking time to the stop/station from the origin address
  • Waiting time
  • In-vehicle time (for all trip segments)
  • Transfer times (if any)
  • Walking time from the final stop/station to the destination address

Other Information – If you need assistance, one registered Personal Care Attendant (PCA) may ride with you for free. Other companions must pay full fare and may ride as space is available. For reasons of personal safety and liability, our drivers may not negotiate stairs or enter private homes or care facilities.

Both RIDES customers and registered PCAs must present a valid picture ID each time they board a RIDES vehicle.

New fare effective September 2, 2017

Fares – Exact Fare Required

One-way, 2.7 miles or less $1.50
One-way, more than 2.7 miles or less than 17 miles $2.50
One-way, more than 17 miles $3.50

Ticket Books

Book of 30 $.50 tickets (15.00)
Book of 30 $1.00 tickets (30.00)
Books of 10 $2.50 tickets ($25.00)

Ticket books may be purchased from MST customer service locations:

  • Marina Transit Exchange, 280 Reservation Rd., Marina
  • Bus Stop Shop, 201 Pearl Street, Monterey
  • Salinas Transit Center, 110 Salinas St., Salinas

By Phone: Toll-Free 1-888-MST-BUS1 TTY 1-831-393-8111

By Mail: MST RIDES Tickets
Bus Stop Shop, 201 Pearl Street, Monterey, CA 93940
(Visa & MasterCard accepted)

Online: https://mst.org/about-mst/mst-store/


While these services are not part of the ADA Paratransit program (RIDES), they are made available to RIDES-certified customers to provide increased opportunities to meet their transportation needs.


Limited service is available in parts of unincorporated North and South Monterey County, which are outside MST’s ADA service area, for the purpose of traveling into the ADA service area.  Once inside the ADA service area, certified RIDES customers may take full advantage of the RIDES program.  For ST program and fare information call 1-888-MST-BUS1. (Current fare is $2.00)


MST has established a taxi voucher program for persons with disabilities in accessing important locations within their local communities.

If you are disabled and certified by the MST ADA paratransit program, you may qualify for taxi vouchers that can be used in the City of Salinas or on the Monterey Peninsula. Voucher holders must possess a photo ID from a government agency to redeem a voucher with an authorized taxi operator.

Qualified persons can obtain information about the MST taxi voucher program by calling MST customer service or visiting here.


Interpreter 888-678-2871 / Free language assistance / Asistencia de Lenguaje Gratuito / Libreng tulong para sa wika / Hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí / 무료언어 지원

MST ADA Paratransit Program (RIDES)

Learn how MST’s ADA Paratransit Service (RIDES) has benefited individuals who cannot use MST’s fixed-route buses for at least some of their trips.

Applying for RIDES

After watching the video and reading the accompanying article, if you want to apply for RIDES and believe you qualify, the forms you will need to apply are found below. One form is for you to complete and the other is for your California-licensed health care provider. They can be filled out online, printed out at your home or office, then the signed originals returned to MST. Be sure to read the Application Instructions carefully before beginning the application process.

RIDES Application EnglishMST RIDES

RIDES Application SpanishMST RIDES

RIDES Application KoreanMST RIDES

RIDES Application TagalogMST RIDES

RIDES Application VietnameseMST RIDES

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