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Route Types & Fares

L – Local | P – Primary | R – Regional | C – Commuter

Fares shown in this table are when paying with cash, a GoPass, or a GoCard. Please scroll down or visit our Contactless Fare Payment Fast Facts and FAQs for fare information when paying with a contactless bank card or mobile wallet.

RouteRegularDiscountRoute Type
1 Asilomar-Monterey$2.50$1.25P
2 Pacific Grove-Carmel$2.50$1.25P
3 CHOMP–Monterey$1.50$.75L
7 Del Rey Oaks – Monterey$2.50$1.25P
11 Carmel–Sand City$2.50$1.25P
16 Marina – CSUMB$2.50$1.25P
18 Monterey – Marina$2.50$1.25P
19 Del Monte Center – CSUMB East via East Campus$2.50$1.25P
20 Salinas–Monterey via Marina$3.50$1.75R
21 Pebble Beach–Salinas Express$3.50$1.75R
22 Big Sur-Monterey$3.50$1.75R
23 Salinas–King City$3.50$1.75R
24 Monterey- Carmel Valley Grapevine Express Via Carmel$2.50$1.25P
25 CSUMB – Salinas$2.50$1.25P
26 CSUMB – East Campus Express$1.50$.75L
28 Watsonville–Salinas via Castroville$3.50$1.75R
29 Watsonville–Salinas via Prunedale$3.50$1.75R
40 Spreckels–Alisal$2.50$1.25P
41 Northridge – Salinas via East Alisal$2.50$1.25P
42 Westridge – Spreckels via East Alisal$2.50$1.25P
44 Northridge – Salinas via Westridge$2.50$1.25P
45 Northridge–Salinas via East Market$2.50$1.25P
46 Natividad – Salinas$1.50$.75L
47 Hartnell – Alisal Campus$2.50$1.25P
48 Salinas – Salinas Airport Business Center$2.50$1.25P
49 Salinas-Santa Rita via Northridge$2.50$1.25P
61 Salinas-VA DOD Clinic$1.50*$.75*P
75 Presidio–Marshall Park Express$2.50$1.25P
84 Soledad – Paso Robles$3.50$1.75R
91 Sand City–Pacific Meadows$1.50*$.75*P
92 CHOMP–Pacific Meadows$1.50*$.75*P
93 Ryan Ranch–Monterey$1.50*$.75*P
94 Sand City–Carmel$1.50*$.75*P
95 Williams Ranch – Northridge$1.50*$.75*P
MST On Call Marina$1.50$.75L
MST On Call South County Gonzales/Greenfield/King City/Soledad$1.50$.75L
 MST Trolley MontereyFree

*Temporary fare reduction for lines 61, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95.

Contactless Fares: How Calculated and Charged

If paying with a contactless bank card or mobile wallet at a contactless payment reader aboard an MST bus, your fare will be based on distance traveled (as the crow flies). For example, a trip of 4.0 miles will cost $2.50 as a Regular Fare and $1.25 for a *Discount Fare when tapping to pay. *Discounted fares are now available for older adults (ages 65+); see our Benefits page to learn how to enable these fares. We are working on enabling discounted contactless fares for other categories of riders as well.

Fares when paying with a contactless payment method

DistanceRegular Contactless FareDiscount Contactless Fare
Up to 2.7 miles$1.50$0.75
Between 2.7 and 14 miles$2.50$1.25
14 – 50 miles$3.50$1.75
50 – 77 miles$7.00$3.50
77 miles or more$10.00$5.00

In addition to calculating your fare by distance traveled when paying with a contactless bank card or mobile wallet, MST is introducing fare capping with contactless fare payment. Fare capping guarantees that you won’t be charged more than $10.00 per day (or $5.00 per day for older adults ages 65+ who qualify for a discounted fare*) no matter how many times you ride in a day—as long as you pay with the same contactless card or mobile wallet throughout the day. (*Note: Discounted fares are currently only available for registered contactless bank cards.)

MST is also introducing new 7-day and 31-day fare-capping amounts.

Please see the table below for daily, weekly, and monthly fare-capping amounts when paying with a contactless payment method.

Fare-Capping PeriodMaximum Regular Contactless FareMaximum Discount Contactless Fare
Daily cap$10$5
7-Day cap$50$25
31-Day cap$95$47

The 7-day and 31-day caps operate on a rolling basis. This means that a cap will apply for all trips taken within a 7-day and 31-day period from the first time you tap to pay, and on a rolling basis, based on usage thereafter.

To take advantage of fare capping, you must always use the same payment method to tap on and off for your trip. For example: Don’t use your iPhone to tap on, and then tap off with your Apple Watch. Even though the same bank card may be linked via both devices, you will be charged as if you are beginning a new trip and you will lose the benefit of fare capping.

If you would like more information on fare capping, please contact MST Customer Service at 888-678-2871, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Offices are closed on weekends and observed holidays.

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