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SURF! Busway and Bus Rapid Transit Project

The SURF! Busway and Bus Rapid Transit Projectis part of a larger effortto build a modern mobilitynetwork for theMonterey Peninsula andbeyond. The proposed SURF! line isa 6-mile bus-onlycorridor from Marina to SandCity and Seaside along a publiclyowned corridor parallel to Highway 1. With heavytraffic on the highway, transit riders will enjoy a faster connection between home and work orwherever they go, with a projected 16-minute reduction in travel time along the 6-mile stretch of Highway 1 compared to peak pre-COVID commute times. In addition, every bus rider represents one less car on the road, which means less air and ocean pollution and a healthier community.

​Monterey County voters approved Measure X in 2016​, identifying up to $15 million for the project with the potential to leverage even more State and Federal funding. SURF! will complement MST’s first bus rapid transit project, the Jazz line, which includes themed bus stops, real-time next bus electronic signs, and frequent service connecting people living or working in Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, Pacific Grove, and Monterey to downtown and New Monterey businesses, shopping, and education. The SURF! project will also expand the Monterey Bay Recreational Trail system for walkers, wheelers, runners, and recreationalists.

SURF! will utilize the Monterey Branch Line rail alignment, which linked the Peninsula with San Francisco from 1880 to 1971. The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) purchased the unused line in 2003 ​to preserve it as a transportation corridor, and light rail is the long-term vision for the corridor if the cost becomes feasible in the future.

Planned connections to the JAZZ and SURF! lines include service from The Dunes in Marina to Salinas and the Alisal Corridor, plus future rapid transit along US 101 through the Salinas Valley.

MST and TAMC have conducted significant outreach to learn community and stakeholder preferences for transit service along the SURF! corridor, including:

  •          County Supervisor community discussion – September 2020
  •          Landwatch presentation and meeting – September 2020
  •          Public agency site visit – February 2020
  •          MST Board presentation – October 2019
  •          Bus-on-Shoulder/Branch Line Feasibility Study – July 2018
  •          Education about Measure X – 2016
  •          Passenger rail feasibility studies – 1990s thru 2009

Community input to date has emphasized the need for:

  •          Timed transit connections
  •          Cleanliness on board and at stops
  •          Real-time information, ticket vending machines, and restrooms at stops
  •          Preservation of the nearby bike facilities

SURF! Video Simulation


SURF! Busway and Bus Rapid Transit: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bus-on-Shoulder/Branch Line Feasibility Study 2018

Preliminary Design at 15% (GAD Drawings)

EIR Scoping Meeting Slide Deck

Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for the MST SURF! Busway and Bus Rapid Transit Project and Notice of Public Scoping Meeting

Aviso de preparación de un informe de impacto ambiental para el proyecto de MST ¡SURF! Busway y Bus Rapid Transit y aviso de reunión de alcance público