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Planning / Development

Major Studies

MST periodically conducts planning studies to evaluate current routes and schedules and to assess demand for transit.

South County Operations and Maintenance Facility Project

The Monterey-Salinas Transit South County Operations and Maintenance Facility Project
(proposed project) consists of developing an approximately 4.8-acre, vacant parcel in King City, California, to construct an operations and maintenance facility for public transit vehicles that primarily serve southern Monterey County. The proposed project would accommodate existing future transit needs in the surrounding rural communities of Monterey’s South County. The proposed project site is part of the existing industrial park site for which King City has approved the East Ranch Business Park Specific Plan.

The following attachments support a Notice of Exemption under the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines:

Attachment 1. Project Description
Attachment 2. Air Quality GHG Impact Analyses
Attachment 3. Biological Study and BA
Attachment 4. Facility Equity Analysis
Attachment 5. Historic Property-Finding of Effect
Attachment 6. Phase I ESA
Attachment 7. Traffic Impact Analysis
Attachment 8. Socioeconomic and Environmental Justice Analysis

Final Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration – Monterey Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility

The Project intends to improve the efficiency of the existing MST Monterey Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility property through site improvements and building and bus parking expansion.  The Project would reconfigure the existing facility to focus on operations and maintenance and would relocate most of MST’s management and administrative functions off-site.

Designing for Transit

Why is the integration of public transportation with land use important? The coordination of land use developments with public transportation planning enables safe, efficient, and effective transit operations. The benefits are apparent at the regional and individual experience. Designing for Transit gives decision-makers, developers, planners, engineers, and community members the ability to plan for safety and efficiency of transit on our streets and highways. When public agencies and private interest groups fail to include safety and efficiency standards for bus operations, fewer people will ride the bus and the region will carry the burden of more congestion and more pollution.
Designing For Transit Manual

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