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FY 2022–2025 Goals, Objectives,
and Action Plan

Goal #1:

Develop and Maintain Adequate and Stable Long-Term Revenues.

Retain and grow public/private and public/public partnerships, fare-pricing strategies and revenue generation from the use of MST assets as a means to generate the revenue required to construct needed capital facilities, purchase vehicles, sustain current and future transit services, and maximize the value of MST services to the community. Through education and advocacy, encourage policymakers and the general public to enact legislation at local, state, and federal levels to provide sustained funding sources that will support the future growth of Monterey County’s public transportation system.

Goal #2:

Provide Quality Transit and Mobility Service for the Communities We Serve.

Develop and implement services, infrastructure, and technologies to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and maximize the value of MST in the community. Expand public/private, military, and educational partnerships. Continue to explore and implement new technologies and practices that enhance the overall customer experience, improve safety and sustainability, attract new customers, retain existing customers, and motivate employees.

Goal #3:

Improve Board Protocols and Recommend Best Practices to Achieve Effective and Efficient Board Operations and Board Meeting Management.

Maintain and grow governance board to be fully involved, fully integrated, well informed, and well-functioning in their policy decision making process.

Goal #4:

Promote Policies and Practices that Encourage Environmental Sustainability and Resource Conservation.

Implement economically sound and environmentally friendly resource conservation policies that reduce dependence on scarce natural resources and the potential for negative impacts on our environment including reducing negative impacts of transportation-related to greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change.

Goal #5:

Educate the Public on MST Services Through Promotion, Communication and Advocacy.

Attract new and retain existing riders and improve support for MST by utilizing effective marketing, promotion of brand identity, and communication techniques and by applying greater focus in meeting whole community and stakeholder needs.

Goal #6:

Promote Organizational Values to Maintain High-Quality Relationships with MST Employees, Contractors, Vendors, Board Members, and Community Stakeholders.

Promote individual and organizational safety, efficiency, and effectiveness and enhance the satisfaction of our customers, employees, partners, board members, and other key stakeholders.

Goal #7:

Enhance Industry Leadership for Like-Sized Agencies within California and the United States.

Develop and implement programs and practices that distinguish MST as a leader within the public transit industry.