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Transit Connections

MST provides customers with easy and convenient connections to a variety of bus and rail lines for travel outside of Monterey County.  Many of these transit connections honor selected MST fare media, making travel a breeze. And, since many Northern California bus and rail systems are on Google Transit, you can now plan your trip from start to finish with one easy-to-use website. See all of the destinations that you can reach via MST and its neighboring transit providers.

Santa Cruz County

Explore the other side of Monterey Bay using Santa Cruz METRO buses. Connections between MST and METRO are made at the Watsonville Transit Center (475 Rodriguez Street, Watsonville).  MST’s Line 28 Salinas-Watsonville via Castroville, and Line 29 Salinas-Watsonville via Prunedale all end at the Watsonville Transit Center.  Here, you can transfer to local buses serving Watsonville as well as regional buses to take you points west into Downtown Santa Cruz. Transfer here to other METRO bus lines to visit the mountains, beaches and redwood forests of Santa Cruz County.

Transfer Policies between MST and Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO)

Santa Cruz METRO Passengers to MST:

  • METRO transfers or day passes shall not be applied towards the purchase of any MST fare media.
  • MST will accept a free valid METRO transfer as payment for passengers who board lines 28 and 29 at the Watsonville Transit Center.
  • MST will accept the METRO senior/disabled discount photo ID for travel on any MST route along with the appropriate discount fare.
  • MST does not honor METRO monthly passes.

MST Passengers to Santa Cruz METRO:

  • METRO will accept free valid MST transfers for one-way travel within the METRO service area as far as Santa Cruz METRO Center. There is no additional fare to travel to Santa Cruz when boarding with an MST transfer. Obtain a transfer when you first board MST.
  • METRO will accept MST senior and disabled discount photo ID.
  • MST GoPasses are not honored by METRO.

For information call Santa Cruz Metro at 831-425-8600 or visit www.scmtd.com.

Santa Clara

Transfer Policies between MST and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

Santa Clara Valley (VTA) Passengers to MST:

  • MST does not honor VTA passes or the Clipper card.

For information call VTA at 1-408-321-2300 or visit www.vta.org

MST Passengers to Santa Clara Valley (VTA):

  • VTA will accept valid MST 31-Day, 7-Day, or Military GoPass for a VTA Local Fare Credit with each magnetic ticket swipe across the farebox. Surcharge will apply to any Express Bus boarding. MST Summer Youth Pass is not accepted for any fare credit on VTA services.


MST offers connecting service for passengers traveling between Greyhound stations in King City, Salinas, and cities located in the Salinas Valley, Monterey Peninsula, and Northern San Luis Obispo County.


MST’s Salinas Transit Center (110 Salinas Street) is a short walk away from the Amtrak Station which is served by the Coast Starlight train traveling as far north as Seattle and as far south as Los Angeles. Amtrak Thruway buses also serve the Salinas train station and provide shorter trips within California, including connecting service to the Central Valley.

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MST Bus Stop Shop
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Salinas Transit Center
110 Salinas Street
Salinas, CA 93901

Marina Transit Exchange
280 Reservation Road
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Mobility Services Center
15 Lincoln Avenue
Salinas, CA 93901
Hours by appointment only.

Administrative Offices
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